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Msgr. F. M. Greco

July 26, 1857: Francesco Maria Greco is born in Acri (Cosenza) Italy.

December 17, 1881: Francesco Maria Greco is ordained.

August 22, 1885: Degree in theology (Napoli) Italy.

September 16, 1887: Fr. F. M. Greco becomes Vicar Forane of "San Nicola" perish in Acri (Italy).

July 6 1888: Fr. F. M. Greco becomes the Founder of the Catechetical School, Youth Center and Hospital of "San Nicola di Bari" perish.

1892-1895: Professor of Theology in the Seminary of Bisignano (Italy).

1892-1893: Fr. F. M. Greco founds the Congregation of the Sisters "Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts"

February 17, 1902: Diocese's approval of the Congregation of the Sisters.

January 13, 1931: Following a serious illness of bronchitis, Fr. F. M. Greco dies.

July 7, 1940: Pontifical Approval of the of the Sisters "Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts".

May 19,1961: Exhumation and Canonical recognition of the body of the Servant of God, Msgr. F. M. Greco.

Reflections of
Msgr. F. M. Greco

"The Sacred Hearts are our dwelling place, the object of our thoughts...."
"Do not despair, always rely on divine help, make known, loved and glorified the Sacred Hearts.
"Having left everything is not worth much if holiness is wanting in one's religious life."
"I abandon myself in everything and everywhere to Divine Providence"
"Let us adore the will of the Lord"
"In solitude, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, I learned the love of Jesus and the power of this love,
"My work should not rest. My whole life should be spent in being an apostolic missionary of Jesus and Mary.
" I am the servant of all"

Sr. M. T. De Vincenti

May 1, 1872: Raffaella De Vincenti is born in Acri (Cosenza) Italy.

November 21, 1894: Raffaella De Vincenti takes her vows and changes her name to Maria Teresa De Vincenti.

May 1906: Sr. Maria Teresa De Vincenti receives a private audience with Pope St. Pio X.

November 23, 1936: Sr. Maria Teresa De Vincenti dies.

July 31, 1957: Introduction of the beatification of Sr. Maria Teresa De Vincenti.

May 19, 1961: Exumation and Canonical recognition of the body of the Servant of God, Sr. M. T. De Vincenti.

Reflection's of
Sr. Maria Teresa De Vincenti

"All things good and beautiful must be from the Lord"
"God! God! and nobody else"
"Have we done wrong? Let's humble ourselves and confess our faults with sincerity"
"Become saints, do it quickly be a great saint."
"We must always be ready to do God's will and not be afraid, because God is merciful"
"When we reach the end, our whole life will seem like a dream, let us not attach ourselves to this world, but let us sanctify the life that God gives us."

Historical and Spiritual Overview of Our Congregation

Msgr. F. M. Greco (1857-1931) served as a priest from a town in Southern Italy called Acri. Living and working there in the late 1800s, Fr. Francesco realized that religious ignorance was the greatest problem his parishioners and townspeople faced: for the less they knew about God, the further from Him they remained. Together with his sister, Maria Teresa, he began a catechetical program to teach children, young people and adults about the Catholic faith. The most dedicated catechist was Raffaella De Vincenti, who later became the faithful collaborator of Msgr. F. M. Greco, in the Institute's foundation, on November 21, 1894, through her profession of the vows, of chastity, poverty and obedience, through which she received her religious name of Sister Maria Teresa of the Sacred Hearts. She was the Foundress, (1872-1936) the very first Little Worker of the Sacred Hearts. Others soon followed as young women from Acri and nearby towns heard of the catechetical work to which she and Fr. Francesco had devoted all their energies. The Institute "... founded out of a spirit of charity, namely the love of God", has as "its principal purpose catechetical instruction in parishes ." Through its apostolic works, this Institute, gives witness to the charity of the Sacred Hearts directed in a special way to children and young people who are in need of human and Christian formation.